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Apr, 2021

Minor A and Minor B whats the difference?

Roselawn Little League has brought Minor A and Minor B to Softball this year! While it isn't something new to Roselawn Little League it is something new to Softball. So let me explain: When a child is done with Tball or joins at the ages of league age 7-10 they are in the Minor Division. A new Baseball or Softball parent joins the league and they are league 7 year old goes to their first practice, without the division of A and B that little one with no experience is playing with boys and girls league age 10 with three years experiences. That can be a scary thing for everyone. So that's how the divisions were born. Minor B is for those children who have little to no experience of the sport. This is the instructional division. These boys and girls are learning the game. Minor B focuses on making a play at first, making good throws, uses a pitching machine, developing skills and get the understanding of the sport. Minor A is the next step up. Children are pitching to each other, sliding, signs, stealing, building skills and so much more. Minor A and Minor B will not likely play each other. They are not the good team and the bad team as it can be perceived. They are two different divisions under the division of Minors.

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