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Jan, 2021

Roselawn hosting 2021 STATE 8-10 year old SOFTBALL

Roselawn Little League is PROUD AND HONORED to announce that we have been selected to Host the Softball 8, 9, 10 State Tournament!
Softball teams from all over the State of Indiana will converge to Roselawn to compete for a State Championship Title!
This gives Newton County the chance to show what we have to offer from a rural area. This would also give an economic boost to our local restaurants, gas stations, hotels, campgrounds, and many other businesses.
We are in the process of forming a Committee that already includes a few local elected officials who will be dedicated to making this an amazing tournament. We are looking to add 2-3 more local people who are not on our Board, who would be motivated in helping achieve this.
We as always are looking for sponsorships to help achieve many things before the tournament in mid July! If you would like your business advertised for people across the state to view please reach out to us! If you’re a local business who is willing to provide a discount to state tournament goers or items for a goodie bag that will be given to each player, please let us know!
Newton County, this is a first for our county! This took the help of many people in the community and our board to make our facilities top notch to be awarded this! BE PROUD!
A special thank you to Indiana District 1 and Little League International for this amazing opportunity!

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